The Time Before
Prehistory, as we call it, is something of a mystery. Our only clue is the remains left behind. Of this we are sure. Saurians and Elves were the only two races to exist in these times. Of Humans there is no evidence that they even existed until the early part of the First Age.
In this Time Saurians were highly violent. Traveling in Family groups and claiming territory for themselves. while the Desert Elves are theorized to have left the forest-home as early as 500TB, for reasons that nobody knows for sure.

First Age
The First Age began as the Saurian Written Language was finally Developed and used. Saurian was, at this point, a mostly verbal language, but the legend states that Dragons found the Saurians and gifted them the knowledge of a the Draconic Written Language.

In the First Age Saurians started to band together and formed their first cities. Building great monuments of might. Meanwhile the Elves began their period called the Enlightenment. Where they reportedly emerged from the forest home to build cities of stone. Not much to mentioned of the period before, but the mood conveyed is that the Elves are ashamed of their old ways.

It was around 347FA that Humans first entered the scene. The Saurians had never seen such a race, Isolated as they were from the Elves.

Human’s were far above the Primitive Saurian’s in every way. While Such history is rare as the Domination seeks to keep their old history out of “serf” Hands, this is what has been gathered.
The Humans came from a World they called Asgard. Their world was in a perpetual World War and so. Several Thousand Refugees decided to try and escape across the void to another world. They damned this new world “Midgard” A reference to an Ancient Religion on their world.

During their first years on this newly named Midgard they saw the primitive Saurians and the decision was made to expand around the local Life, leaving the primitive Saurians to build their nations without Human interference.

Humans kept their word on this for about 2 generations when the Domination first began its formation. It would take another 4 generation before the Domination would attack Saurian Cities, claiming them for themselves and attempting to force Saurians into the Chains of Servitude. The captured Saurians resisted and were slaughtered. Saurians have since refrained from large congregations and adopted a nomadic life.

However while the Domination formed the Alliance also formed to oppose them where they could. Much smaller in size and population the Alliance was ultimately run out of their homes and forced into Exodus.

As well during the later parts of these events the Elves suffered from a pestilence which killed many and left those who survived were left without access to the arcane. Fearing that their continued existence in their gene pool would remove their arcane access they exiled these survivors back into the wilds. Those who were exiled would become the Wild Elves(For more info on this please go to The Bonding) by the end of the First Age. This marked the end of the First Age during the year 772FA

Second Age
The Alliance, upon arriving in its new home began to once again rebuild. The forest to the west were said to be cursed as no man who had entered had ever returned. In truth the Wild Elves protected their homes from the invaders. The Alliance did not last long on these new shores without the Domination to unite against and war broke out soon after landing. Of the many nations who rose during this period of war One united the Humans under an Empire. This empire still kept the idea that all Life is created to be free and that slavery is an abomination against the natural order, but still adopted a doctrine of conquest and colonization. The conquered the Desert tribes of the South taking the center of the tribes to use as a Home for themselves. The Natives were offered membership in the empire, but declined.

Meanwhile the Domination began moving South into the Arctic reaches where the Mammosas(A now extinct race of Mammoth-like Humanoid Giants) They found the Giant people to be a challenge to their domination and so brought into being a new race. The exact origins of the Orc race are unknown, but it is theorized that the Mages of the Domination brought the Orcs here from another world. The Orcs were primitive and war-like and exactly was needed. With the promise of War and leadership under the Domination the Orcs gladly fought against the Mammosa Tribes of the south. The Mammosa refused the Chains and fought every step of the way, but the Domination took no prisoners after only 40 years of war the Mammosa were wiped from the face of Midgard.


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